About Us

Having been established on 01 September 2001, the KZN Municipal Pension Fund has grown tremendously overtime. With just a minimum staff compliment and effective partners the Fund has created and maintained a great net replacement percentile closer to 75% for most of our members.


We believe the process of investing members’ retirement funds is a group effort between ourselves, employer, and the members themselves. To realize our mission, we need to all pull together in synergy on this long-term process of saving for retirement.


The KZN Municipal Pension Fund aims to be a modern, attractive Fund that strives to provide its members with an efficient, cost effective savings vehicle with which to achieve optimal benefits, including retirement savings, insured and other ancillary benefits.

To achieve our objective, we are guided by the following principles:

  • The Fund should be cost effective.
  • The Fund should offer good benefits – which compare favourably to industry benchmarks and member needs.
  • Transparency
  • The Fund should minimize cross subsidies.
  • Membership must be educated to empower them to derive maximum benefit from the Fund.